LA Series Ceiling System

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Sound and light
find a new

The LA Series is a seamless and complete advanced light and acoustics system that transform your ceiling-scape. Collaboratively developed by Novii and Autex Acoustics®, it’s a boldly simple integration of design and engineering. The system brings together boundary-pushing lighting innovation with deep experience and acoustic expertise. The LA Series is a whole new wavelength to explore.

When different disciplines
come together, a new
wave builds. More minds
lead to bigger ideas.





Pushing the limits of performance

Together, we’ve pushed our shared technical expertise and unique understanding of light and acoustics in innovative directions, redefining the possibilities for multi-sensory comfort.

The LA Series is high-end lighting and acoustic performance in one. Independently tested and accredited, it delivers high levels of human comfort and sensory wellbeing in any space.

Made for beautiful spaces

Conceived as one, the system perfectly balances the bold visual appearance of its acoustic and lighting elements, enabling unique and harmonious ceilings designed for positively human experiences.

The LA Series is beautiful and considered — a truly design-led solution. Its aesthetic form enhances its mood-transforming functionality.

Complexity simplified

We’ve combined lighting and acoustics into one seamless system to remove complexity. This opens up new design possibilities and makes it easier than ever to create unusually comfortable spaces.

The LA Series simplifies ceilings, with one innovative product system that allows for seamless design, specification and installation.

Space to explore ideas

Enjoy unconstrained creativity. Our seamless system offers a wide variety of colours, forms and shapes. Your design can be collaborative, agile and responsive, crossing categories and shaping spaces to suit the functional and emotional needs of the people who work, rest or play in them.

Architecture is an interplay
of elements. The way space,
surface, light and sound
interact. And out of these
interactions, visionary new
ideas and design evolutions
can emerge.

Optimise your design process

By seamlessly integrating two distinct design processes, we have removed the hassle and headaches that happen on the journey from design to delivery.

Designed here.
For here.

Spark Innovation Studio

We design for the future. The LA Series is a feature element of the Spark
Innovation Studio, a space that incubates world-class ideas. As a place
for inspiration, our leading edge light and acoustic solution is vital to the
experience of the space.